Change of the Seasons
Curator: Dafna Kron
​​​​​​​Change of the Seasons was commissioned as the main art event in “Loving Art TLV”- the arts festival of Tel Aviv municipality. Responding to the changing urban area of Levinsky Market the event held a series of artistic actions that echo the moment of transition, taking shape between the existing reality of the market area and what is destined to vanish. One of the things that make Levinsky Market so unique is its nature as a space of human interactions: Change of the Seasons highlights and draws on this aspect – the works focused on a human experience through addressing the different communities of the market and through many  participatory art works . A huge curtain that plays with public space, a culinary performance that disappears in one bite, a soundtrack that traces the fine threads that lead from merchants in Levinsky to sewing workshops in Gaza, an intimate meeting with a stranger in a hotel room, a real estate tour, artist residency pop-up in an empty shop, and more. Change of the Seasons sets out to enrich everyday life, to imagine alternative possibilities or practices in the public sphere, and to provide a platform for a dialogue in the twilight of change.

Installation, video Art and Moon Walks 
Yehudit Shlosberg-Yogev

 A huge moon rolls through the streets of Levinsky Market. A celestial body removed from its context, sweeping passersby along with it and leaving a trail of astonishment. Foreign to the urban landscape, the moon slowly makes it way along the dirty asphalt road, absorbing the trash of the day. The air that fills it evaporates and the slowly depleting force of nature exposes the line that stretches between the sublime and the artificial and between fantasy and catastrophe.

Gili Avissar

A huge curtain intersects the market street and delineates the division between inside and outside. The curtain plays with the inherent paradox of the public sphere and encourages passersby to engage with one another in order to pull the curtain and pass to the other side. A lament to the local textile world.

Yochai Mey-tal

The textile industry in Levinsky Market is dwindling. Its decline can be traced to many factors, including globalization, corporate capitalism, the shift to Chinese production, shopping malls, zero tax, E-commerce, and the Intifada. The documentary soundtrack follows a thread that extends from the merchants at Levinsky to the sewing workshops in Gaza. A story about local industry and the possibility of forging trade relations in the Middle East.

Anat Eisenberg

A transparent container hanging on Levinsky Street invites the visitors to experience the first of its kind encounter between art and real-estate. A one-time only experience that offers a glimpse into European style construction in Tel Aviv, weaving the audience through the question of what does performance means and is this reality or art?
Inspired by art lead the audience of an art event  into a sale experience without any former preparation or information about the coming encounter. They may experience the saleswoman as a performance, or may experience it as reality. The piece weave between art trade, real estate trade. Playing with the  thin line between reality, art, business, urban planning and possibilities of gentrification.

A culinary performance
Michal Evyatar and Carmel Bar

The inspiration for the work is Habshush: a store that preserves generations of spice preparation traditions. In the culinary performance, time has meaning and presence: it stretches, calls for new priorities, and celebrates the process rather than the outcome. The relationship between sweet and hot, and between fast and slow is upturned – and what is prepared in a slow process, disappears in one bite. 

May Zarhy and Elad Bardes

The difference between day and night, between weekday and the Sabbath, is felt strongly in Levinsky. When the market closes and the streets are emptied, the noise and the colors fade away. The piece takes place in the twilight between existing reality and nothingness. While walking, participants listen to the sound textures of the present, the past, and everything that closed shutters summon: from visions of an apocalyptic future to daydreams.

Alit Kreiz 

A participatory sound work for two strangers who meet in a hotel room.
The work moves along the line between hello and goodbye, between possible
encounter and a forming departure.

Zohar Gotesman 

An empty shop is transformed into a pop-up artist residency, where artist Zohar Gotesman will set up a studio. Visitors will be able to watch the artist as he makes phosphorescent, vertical monuments out of molten gummy bears.

Luciana Kaplun

A video work created in collaboration with Latin American migrant workers who earn their living as cleaners in private homes and businesses in Tel Aviv. The video, which starts with a display of “the act of cleaning," wanders to private actions in the realms of the fantastical and the bizarre. With humor and playfulness, the piece challenges existing hierarchies of slave-master relations, gender, the holy and the secular. 

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